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Thigh Lift

thigh lift

A reduction of excess skin and fat to reshape the thighs, which results in smoother skin and more proportioned contours of the thighs and lower body.


Men and women choose thigh lift surgery to:

  • Tighten skin
  • Reduce stubborn thigh fat
  • Lessen the appearance of saddlebags
  • Feel more confident in shorts or dresses
who is a good candidate for thigh Lift surgery?

Candidates for thigh lift surgery are looking to trim and tighten sagging thigh tissues to create a fitter, firmer leg shape. Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for their results.

Thigh lifts target skin that has lost elasticity. Those who are looking to remove stubborn thigh fat may be better candidates for liposuction.


Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions for your thigh lift will depend on the extent of your procedure and where the sagging skin is centered. Incisions may be isolated to the buttock crease, the groin area, or extend down the inner leg (toward the knee).

From here, excess skin is trimmed, tissues are tightened, and fat deposits are removed using liposuction.

While a thigh lift results in scarring, Dr. Kottwitz will create only those incisions necessary to improve contours. Most scars can be concealed beneath clothing and will fade with time. If possible, Dr. Kottwitz will only make incisions that can be hidden in the buttock’s crease, presenting little to no visible scarring.


Thigh lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, and you will be able to return home shortly after your operation.

You will need to avoid placing unnecessary stress on your thighs during the first few days of recovery. In addition, you will wear compression garments over your incisions, as these garments aid in reducing edema (swelling).

Small, thin drainage tubes may also be placed under the skin at the incision site(s) to help reduce fluid buildup. The drains will be removed after a few days.

Significant rest for the first 14 days following your thigh lift is recommended. It’s best to return to work part-time at first; often, patients can feel tired for up to six weeks following a thigh lift.

Meet our THIGH LIFT expert

Dr. Kate Kottwitz

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, or you’ve just noticed that the skin and tissue of your outer or inner thigh has grown more lax with age, Dr. Kottwitz can guide you through your decision to have a thigh lift with a personalized consultation.

Dr. Kottwitz is dedicated to providing patients with safe, personalized and professional care, and has the training and experience needed to produce beautiful aesthetic results.

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Our focus is not on changing the core aesthetic components of ourpatients, but rather on using cosmetic enhancement procedures to help them become the absolute best that they can be.

Dr. Kottwitz believes in the importance of having well-informed patients and will take the time to explain a thigh lift and procedural details so that you feel completely comfortable about your surgery. Schedule your consultation today.

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