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Breast Revision

breast revision

Patients who have had previous breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or breast reconstruction may be interested in a breast revision or implant exchange.

These procedures are tailored to each patient’s needs, but can include exchanging implants because of rupture or a desire to change size. A patient may also want to add a breast lift to a previous a breast augmentation. Dr. Kottwitz can help guide you on the proper approach to revise your previous breast procedure.

Patients that have undergone breast reconstruction surgery may also desire improvement in their results. Revision procedures after breast reconstruction for cancer are usually covered by your insurance. These procedures include: exchange of implants, addition of acellular dermal matrix or mesh scaffolding, moving implants above the muscle, excising more skin, or fat grafting. Dr. Kottwitz can help you decide which options are the best for you at your consultation.

How Is Breast Revision Surgery Performed?
the placement of breast implants relative to the muscle 5f6dbb9107b77Revision procedures are performed under general anesthesia. These outpatient procedures are performed at the hospital or in an accredited surgical center, where patients are monitored during and after surgery until the effects of anesthesia have worn off to some degree. Patients are then released to a loved one who will drive them home and get them settled safely.

In many cases, incisions for breast revision follow the same incisions made in the previous surgery. If a breast lift is done in addition to breast augmentation, new incisions may be made as outlined in the surgical plan. Patients can expect to understand all aspects of their procedure before being taken to the operating room.

When the patient is anesthetized, Dr. Kottwitz carefully makes incisions, removes the old implants and, if requested, replaces them with the new implants decided upon during the planning phase of care.

After carefully observing the final shape and position of the breasts, Dr. Kottwitz closes the incisions. A compression garment is applied to manage swelling and comfort. The revision procedure may take 1-2.5 hours.


Dr. Kottwitz

Dr. Kottwitz has experience in the correction of breast implant related problems and complications. Some corrections simply involve selectively expanding an incomplete pocket and replacement of implants with those of a more appropriate size.

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If you have questions about Breast Revision surgery, or if you wish to undergo the procedure, do not hesitate to book a personalized consultation with Dr. Kottwitz at her office conveniently located for residents throughout the Evansville area.



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